Updates – Prints and Print Files

Hello everyone!

If I’ve taken a photo of you at a past convention but you missed getting a print from me, you can always contact me directly to order prints of your photo.  My prices are the same per size as they are at a convention and ordering a print or prints is easy.

First, contact me with a link to the image or images you are wanting.

Second, I take payment through paypal and will provide you with the suitable paypal info.

Third, you pay for the print order and I email you the print files with a limited print release leaving you free to get the files printed whereever you like.  I also do custom prints and can mail them out to you.

If you are interested in some images for use in a print run to sell, I’m more than happy to work with you on a print package with rights for large run prints.  Just contact me!


The one thing that I ask is that you please, please do not print images off of my website here or from my facebook page.  These files are low res and are not intended for printing.  Also, without a print release or permission to print, you are stealing.

Photography is how I make a living.  It’s how I put food on my table and pay for things like bills and car gas.  You wouldn’t steal your favorite anime or manga, please don’t steal other peoples services like photography or printing services.  It’s a small thing to some but for other’s who are self employed, it’s a big deal.