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Hello there!

I’m a Austin based photographer who enjoys anime and scifi conventions throughout Texas.  I’ve been covering most conventions in Texas over the past nine years or so.  I’ve met a lot of really interesting cosplayers and have taken some pretty cool photo’s over the years.  Cons I’ve covered in Texas include Ikkicon, San Japan, Anime Overload, A-Kon, YuleCon, Oni-Con and Cosplay Day Out to name a few.

I am available for your event, party or convention and my rates are pretty reasonable.

I offer event photos as well as studio on location with live view of photos and on-site printing.

Feel free to contact me for my rates for your event or portrait needs.
Photosuite setup


If I’m running a photosuite studio at a convention, I offer on-site printing for a very reasonable price range.  Should you miss purchasing your prints from me at a convention, I do offer print resolution images for sale over my website.  I take payment through paypal and can either dropbox or email you your images with a limited print release upon payment.  My price list is below.

Please do not print any images from this website.

Please refer to this price list when contacting me with a order.


For prints of any photo on my website, please contact me at my email address below.

Please let me know which image(s) you are wanting prints of(feel free to email me links to the photos), what size of print you would like and how many.  I accept PayPal for payment.  Once payment is received, arrangements can be made for delivery of images either by email or by dropbox. Images will also come with a limited print release.

Please do not print images off from this website.

Images here are low resolution, web resolution files and will not print out clearly.   The images are copyrighted and are suitable for use on facebook or other social media.

Prices for prints are as follows:

4×6 – $5

5 x 7 – $7

8.5 x 11 – $10

11 x 17 – $20

13 x 19 – $25

4 Wallets (2 x 3) – $5

Print Packages

12 Wallets (2 x 3) – $13 (Savings of $2)

Three (3) 4 x 6’s – $13 (Savings of $2)

Three (3) 5 x 7s – $18 (Savings of $3)

Two (2) 8.5 x 11 – $16 (Savings of $4)

Two (2) 11 x 17 – $32 (Savings of $8)

Two (2) 13 x 19 – $40 (Savings of $10)

Feel free to email me at: