Con schedule for 2013

So I finally had a chance to get a con list together for which Texas cons I might be able to get to. It’s already shaping up to be a busy year so I’m really, really looking forward to the cons I can schedule.

Anime Matsuri      – It’s a strong ‘Maybe’
A-Kon                       – Also a strong ‘Maybe’ especially since the con is in a new location.
Anime Overload   – Yep, one of my hometown cons.  I’ll be there.
San Japan 6            – Pretty close to me so there’s a good chance I will make this one.
Brony Fan Fair     – Another hometown con.  Of course I’ll be there.
Oni-Con                   – The con by the beach!  Love the location and it’s right after my birthday.
Ikkicon                    – Another hometown con to wind up the year.

Of course, all of this will be dependent on my mundane job’s work schedule, school schedule and if I actually have the money to get to these cons or not.

And, oh yes, there will be coverage by me of Austin ComicCon. Always such fun there.